Charlie & Frog: An ASL Adventure

Charlie & Frog 1 The key to this book is friendship.  Honestly even though there is a mystery to be solved, without the rock solid combination of Charlie and Frog (a girl not an amphibian) the whole book would fizzle out.  There is the added bonus that Frog is deaf and thus helps Charlie and the audience learn American Sign Language (ASL).  However, while this is what first made me interested in this book, it is obvious that Charlie and Frog learn a great deal from each other.  Thankfully, we learn a great deal of ASl from author, Karen Kane.

Charlie ends up in Castle-on-the-Hudson with his grandparents.  His parents have gone to rescue Giant Golden Moles in South Africa.  Charlie does not like being left behind, but he is used to being alone.  His parents are too busy with saving animals to spend time with him.  Although, he has learned to fingerspell from watching them.  This is still frustrating to use to communicate with the deaf community in Castle-on-the-Hudson.  Or so Frog tells him as fingerspelling takes more time to use.   Charlie and Frog_blog tour banner 1

Charlie is relying upon Frog to help him decipher what Aggie signed to him.  They have a proper mystery, but trying to keep up with each other is a struggle.  Frog is quick to teach him useful signs to solve a mystery.  After all with an anxious Aggie there is a race to solve the problem.  As usual, Charlie is on his own.  His grandparents are busy with their doctor’s appointments and television programs.  So, he has lots of time to spend with Frog finding clues.

Frog, aka Francine Castle, is thrilled at the chance to be a detective.  She has always wanted to solve a murder mystery.  With the single word clue of DEATH from Aggie, she sets out with Charlie to find out who died.  After all there is a murder to be solved.  The problem is that Frog jumps from one deduction to the next with Charlie trailing after her.   Karen Kane 1

Between the two of them, they manage to eventually solve the mystery. Charlie’s motto is right from the beginning “Good people do good things”.  Along the way, they find real treasure. Truly, there are lots of signs to be learned with helpful illustrations and descriptions throughout the book.  Like Charlie you can learn ASL.  In the end, there is a realistic outcome for their first case as detectives.  This case proves that some secrets are meant to be found but that not everyone will be satisfied with the answers. 

Charlie & Frog: A Mystery can be found here. If you want more titles just as good as this one, then look for more Disney•Hyperion titles.  They truly are packed with surprises and adventurous characters. You can find a book for any age group including adults. Although, I am hoping for another installment of Charlie & Frog. 

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