Perry’s Steak House: Perfect Menu Pairings

There are so many reasons to celebrate in the month of February. You could either be celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, or Black History Month. No matter what you are celebrating Perry’s Steak House has a team of professional Sommeliers to help you pick the perfect wines to pair with your meals. If you’re anything like me and don’t know much about wines but, want to impress the people you are with you can always call ahead and speak to a sommelier. They can help you with the basics of wine so that when you get to the restaurant you can blow your guests away with your new found knowledge of wines as you order your meals.

Photo Credit: Kurman

Photo Credit: Kurman

I was fortunate to interview Susi, Perry’s Head Sommelier based in Texas. Keep reading to see what her responses were to my questions on wines.

Josephine: Which wines are the most popular dessert wines?
Susi: Our most popular dessert wines are the Tawny Port or the Madeira which goes
very well with our Banana Foster dessert or the Nutty De Angelo.

Photo Credit: Kurman

Photo Credit: Kurman

J: How do you determine which dessert wines to recommend to your guests?
S: It depends on the type of dessert the guests chooses. If they choose a crème brûlée or ice cream we tend to recommend our Tawny Port which is aged in a barrel for 10 to 20 yrs. The grapes for these wines are late harvest. However Tawny Port wines are never a match for chocolate desserts. If our guest are having chocolate for dessert we recommend a Ruby Port which is a late vintage wine.

J: What’s the difference between table wine and a dessert wine?
S: The difference between a table wine and a dessert wine is the length the grapes stay on the vines. For example, the Berringer Nightngale, the grapes stay on the vine longer. This process allows the grapes to create a distinct flavor in the wine and has a freshness on the finish.

J: Which wines would you pair with the different dishes on the menu?

S: For seafood dishes I would recommend a Chardonnay. With Oysters a Sauvignon Blanc, Chicken- a Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay, NY strip heavy Merlot or Chianti, Filet Mignon, Rib eye- Boudreaux or a Cabernet, and for a Chop a Pinot or a Zinfandel.

Photo Credit: Kurman

Photo Credit: Kurman

J: Would you suggest wines for each course?

S: If the guest is interested in having a different wine pairing for each course I would recommend a Sparkling or white wine with appetizers like our Perry Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Red wines for steaks and then either a Tokay or Madeira wine for dessert.

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